Welcome!  Breathe.  Smile.  Relax.  If you are looking for a wedding officiant or Celebrant to help you create your wedding ceremony in a way that really reflects who you are; you have come to the right place.  If you believe that your wedding ceremony—the words that are spoken and the rituals and actions taken—is the most important part of your wedding day; you have come to the right place.  If you want a unique ceremony that is all about you and your values, beliefs, and the love that you share; you have come to the right place.  If you want to be able to relax on your wedding day, knowing that you have already approved everything that will be said and done during your ceremony and secure in the knowledge that the details of the ceremony have been attended to; you have come to the right place.

My name is Cheri Kelly, and it is my passion and my great joy to help couples start their marriage off in the most positive way possible by creating beautiful, meaningful, memorable ceremonies.  Your ceremony will be “perfectly you.”  I will get to know you and what you believe and value.  I will listen to what you desire and envision for your ceremony.  I will make suggestions and do all the work of researching ideas for all the parts of your ceremony.  Then, I will write your ceremony, from scratch, just for you, with as much input from you as you wish to provide.  And, you don’t have to worry; you may have me change your ceremony as many times as you need until you feel that your ceremony is perfect—the ceremony of your dreams.

Your wedding ceremony is important, you have probably dreamed about your wedding day your whole life and you will remember it for the rest of your life.  What is said and what you do during your wedding ceremony can have great influence on your marriage, your relationship with your partner, and your relationship with your family and friends.  I can help ensure that your wedding ceremony will be a positive, cherished memory for all involved.

I would consider it an honor and a gift to work with you to craft a ceremony that is meaningful, memorable, and perfectly you!  I would love to talk with you and meet with you for a free, no-obligation consultation.  If you feel ready to contact me, click here.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Cheri Kelly and her services.

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Is yours a “Do It Yourself” wedding with a friend or family member officiating? Or are you the officiating friend or family member? If you don’t need my officiant services, but do need help creating and writing a beautiful wedding ceremony, writing your wedding vows, or receiving coaching on your presentation, I offer ceremony and vow writing, consultation, and coaching services.

I am a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant; to learn more about Celebrants, visit the Celebrant Foundation and Institute.

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